Information for foreigners

Due to the alarm status, the immigration formalities have been paralyzed and the immigration office has been closed temporarily. Some of the procedures can still be done online by processing a digital certificate.

The immigrant orienting and counseling service (Servei d’Orientació i Assessorament a Persones Immigrades, SOAPI) and Family Regrouping (Reagrupament Familiar) are still active online, guaranteeing the attention of users. We ask professionals to use email as the main way of contact, in order to avoid saturating mobile phones.

Reception and Support Immigration

If you have doubts about immigration or asylum / refuge, coverage of your basic needs, uncertainty about access to the public healthcare system, approvals, rooting reports, census, etc. Contact Emma, from SOAPI personel at Sant Martí district.



648 191 666

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Family Reunification Support

If you already have a positive report of housing suitability (one of the requirements for re-grouping), please contact them to follow up.

If you have doubts about immigration issues related to your reunification or aspects influenced by the reunification of your family, contact Dúnia, at Sant Martí de Reagrupament. 



647 224 301

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If you have employment concerns related to foreigners:


CITE. Information Center for Foreign Workers


Specific job inquiries about coronavirus (open to all workers). For specific occupational queries related to Coronavirus call and you will get an answer as soon as possible:

Contact: 933 100 000

Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm, Saturdays and Sundays from 9am to 2pm


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This website informs all citizens, and especially immigrants and refugees, of the available resources provided by the Barcelona City Council.